Preparation for the Ending party

The final countdown had started.

We as a team had delivered to everyone met us a message that we are not only theater mates. but that we are more Attached to each other and more careful for each other, Rather more like a family.

For me…. i had been given the chance to know you by heart, to feel you and know what kind of people you are. And by everyday with you i was getting more and more attached to you. You showed me you were different, and you have many qualities, and with you it was easy for me to be open to you and share everything with you.

We’ve done a great work together, but am not proud of what I’ve made in this group, the only thing that makes me proud is that I’am a part of this group, of you guys (team absolute).

Iam working now on a video which i will present it in our Ending party, and i hope you will like it. See you then. 🙂

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